20' & 40' Wind & Water Tight Shipping Containers for Storage

Product Description

Weathertight-Wind & Water Tight storage containers are used with good doors, good floors and no visible holes. Doors are operational, but may be firm.

Shipping Container Standard Features:


  • Used connex shipping containers are at least 12-14 years old or older.
  • Common sizes include 20', 40', 40' HC, 45' HC
  • Other sizes include 48' HC, 53' HC
  • Wind & Water Tight boxes will have surface rust and dents and dings all over.
  • Intermodal containers may have been patched/sealed and continued to be reused.
  • Used conex containers will have original paint and markings. There may be large logos or decals all over.
  • Used storage container doors will open and shut, but may be firm. Please ask us about doors if this is a concern-we can treat the doors for you!
  • There will be no holes in the shipping containers. We inspect our shipping containers for daylight.
  • The wooden floors will be solid in our WWT connex box.
  • Industrial containers are made of 14 guage cortens steel.
  • Floors are 1 & 1/8" marine grade plywood. The plywood is screwed into steel crossmembers that run like ribs scross the bottom of the cargo container.
  • All steel containers are made from 14 gauge cortens steel.

Container Pricing

These are used units without warranty-all sales are final. Please schedule an appointment to see our steel storage containers in person. Prices do not include delivery and sales tax. We can load your driver at our facility with a forklift or can arrange flatbed or roll off delivery service for your steel storage containers. We deliver used connex boxes all over the Southeast. Our facilities are located in Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC. Our trucks go to rural and metro areas.

Other names for Shipping Containers:

Container Trailers

ISO Container

Shipping Container

Shipping Containers

Conex or Connex (Military Term for Containers)

Steel Containers

Cargo Container

Cargo Containers

Sea Cans

Sea Land Containers



All sales are final and sold without warrranty.

Product Details

Please call for pricing and available used container inventory. Used container quotes are based on market price and availability. Please discuss your delivery in advance.




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