20' and 40' Cargo Worthy Container

Product Description

True cargo Worthy containers require a CSC certification to ship. CSC means "Convention for Safe Container." CSC inspections must be done in your name to ship. This means, when you purchase from us, we hire an experienced marine surveyor to inspect cargo containers on your behalf. Your CSC inspection is good for 36 months. The surveyor will install new inspection sticker on the door of your container and prepare a CSC certificate for your records. You will need both items to ship your cargo container overseas. One trip containers and used cargo worthy containers require this inspection. Please allow for one week to complete inspections after you have placed your order. 

If you are building with shipping containers, we suggest an inspected cargo worthy container or one trip/new container. We cannot advise you on how to build, modify or fabricate container homes. Please consult with a structural engineer. We offer some limited modifications in our Lilburn, GA shop. 

Used cargo worthy containers may have dents and dings, surface rust and might have been patched and reused for shipping. Used cw or cargo worthy containers can be any color, with the logo of the original shipline. Cargo worthy containers are inspected and suitable for safe shipping. Cargo worthy containers may or may not be "better looking" than any other used containers. This is a common misconception.

Please make trucking arrangements prior to purchasing a container for cargo use. In, most cases, loaded shipping containers on the ground must be picked up with a crane or forklift. Our tilt bed trucks cannot move loaded shipping containers. Most cargo customers send a driver to pick up from us hooked to a container chassis or a flatbed. We can load your driver in metro Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC and many other US cities. Please call us for details at 678-380-9980. 


Product Details

The objective of CSC inspection is to ensure a high level of safety of human life by formalizing common international safety requirements for the structural design and ongoing inspection and maintenance of cargo containers.

Cargo Worthy shipping containers or CW conex are the right choice for shipping your products and goods.

Please note-we do not offer overseas shipping services. Kindly call for more information at 678-380-9980.


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