See a trailer or container you like? We're happy to deliver to your city. Check out our service areas in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Florida.

How We Deliver

  1. With a lowboy style trailer (landoll type) and tractor. Our delivery trailer is 53' with a wench. It will tilt up at the front rolling your container off of the back. This type of delivery is good for one 40' shipping containers and larger or two 20' containers delivered at once. This type of delivery requires 120' feet to offload containers. Please plan on 14' of over head clearance.
  2. With a short roll back wrecker. This is a small truck that will carry one 20' container. This type of delivery requires 60' of space to offload containers with 14' of overhead clearance.

Delivery Requirements

  • All deliveries should be discussed prior to purchase or rental.
  • Time sensitive deliveries should be arranged in advance.
  • We should be able to offload your container in less than 30 minutes after arrival. Site delays or difficult deliveries requiring additional time are $50.00 for every additional 30 minutes.
  • Please provide a complete correct address and good contact number for your delivery. If you have alternate directions, please let us know in advance.
  • If your delivery is off road and wet (rain, snow, ice or flooded) we will need to reschedule your delivery. Off road deliveries must be absolutely dry.
  • Freshly graded land must be packed or graveled. If the driver thinks he may become stuck, we will reschedule your delivery or will need to drop in an alternate location.
  • Inclines, declines and uneven surfaces may prevent delivery.
  • Sharp turns may prevent delivery.
  • We will collect a non-refundable delivery fee to schedule your off road delivery.

Pick up Requirements

  • Please request all pick ups of rental equipment 72 hours in advance. We will attempt to handle shorter notice as quickly as possible.
  • We prefer email notification for pick ups, but you may also call 678-380-9980 to schedule a pick up.
  • Please have address, contact person, unit number and desired date of pick up. Time sensitive pick up should be discussed in advance.
  • Site must be clear.
  • Delays past 30 minutes from arrival are $50.00 for every 30 minutes.
  • Please completely clean out rental units prior to return. Units should be returned clean and empty , otherwise cleaning charges will be billed.


  1. The driver has the right to refuse delivery if he belives it is harmful to go forward. This includes getting stuck, tight spots, uneven surfaces or items in the way. Delivery charges will be charged for each attempt. Please consider your delivery carefully.
  2. If we cannot offload in your exact desired location, we suggest a crane or forklift service to assist you the rest of the way. In metro Atlanta, plesae try Adams Machinery Movers at (404) 566-6396